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NATO Enlargement

The Alliance is open to receiving new members, in accordance to its “open-door” policy. According to this policy, any European state which can contribute to the objectives of the Alliance as stated in the Washington Treaty and to the strengthening of the Trans-Atlantic security could be invited to become NATO members.
Romania actively supports NATO’s “open-door” policy. Also, Romania supports the efforts of the candidate countries through bilateral channels as well as through NATO mechanisms.
The main instrument to prepare for membership is the Membership Action Plan (MAP), through which the Alliance offer assistance for the candidate countries’ preparations. The MAP process consists in annual plans agreed by the Allies with the candidate countries, specifically designed to address the candidates’ needs, whose results are reviewed on an annual basis. The participation in the MAP process does not prejudge the Allies’ decision on new invitations, this being based on the fulfilment of the membership criteria.
Currently, four partners of the Alliance aspire to NATO membership – Bosnia-Herzegovina, Georgia, Macedonia, and Ukraine. At the Allied Summit in Wales (3-4 September 2014) was launched a “Substantial Support Package” for Georgia.
On 5 June 2017, Montenegro became the newest member of the Alliance, upon depositing its instrument of accession to the North Atlantic Treaty with the US State Department in Washington DC.

At the 2008 Bucharest Summit, the Heads of State and Government decided to invite Macedonia to join NATO, conditioned upon the successful conclusion of the deferent with Greece on the name issue. After the historic agreement between Skopje and Athens on the name issue, in July, at the 2018 Brussels Summit, the Alliance officially invited Macedonia to begin accession talks to join NATO.

Last update: July 2018



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