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General overview

Known initially as the "Conference of Members of Parliaments from NATO countries”, the organization was successively entitled "Conference of NATO Parliamentarians” and "The North-Atlantic Assembly". Nowadays, the organisation’s official name is "NATO Parliamentary Assembly".

NATO PA has an important role in informing the parliamentarians from allied and other countries with regard to defense and security issues. It constitutes a forum where members of parliament (MPs) can meet, exchange views on topics of current interest and better understand the viewpoints of others. The presence of NATO officials in the main NATO PA meetings helps the MPs understand the actions taken by the North-Atlantic Alliance. At the same time, NATO PA makes an essential gauge of the collective opinions within national parliaments, extremely useful for the Alliance and the governments of NATO states, because of the importance of public opinion for supporting the NATO operations.

Through its activities, NATO PA contributes to the transparency of NATO: the reports that are presented, the debates and all activities, in general, help the better understanding of NATO policies by the public opinion.

NATO PA has 257 members (who have the right to vote) representing the parliaments of the 28 NATO member countries, 66 delegates (without the right to vote) representing the parliaments of the 14 associate countries (Russian Federation, Ukraine, Austria, Azerbaijan, Sweden, Switzerland, Georgia, Armenia, R. Moldova, Macedonia, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Finland, Serbia and Montenegro). Parliamentarians from countries with observer status also participate, such as Japan and Kazakhstan, as well as representatives of the European Parliament, members of the OSCE Parliamentary Assembly, of the Assembly of Western European Union, of the Parliamentary Assembly of the Council of Europe and Mediterranean associated delegations (Algeria, Israel, Jordan, Mauritania and Morocco).

The work of this organization takes place mainly at committee level. There are 5 committees (and each has one or two sub-committees):
1. Committee on the Civil Dimension of Security

2. Defence and Security Committee

3. Committee on Economics and Security

4. Political Committee

5. Science and Technology Committee

The list also includes the Mediterranean and Middle East Special Group. This group meets three times a year and produces reports. It does not meet during Sessions.

NATO PA meets in two sessions each year, a spring plenary session (May) and another one in the autumn (October-November). All the Committees meet during the spring and autumn Assembly Sessions, except the Mediterranean and Middle East Special Group. These plenary sessions are hosted by rotation in each of the member and associate countries. During the autumn sessions, the NATO PA committees adopt political recommendations (voted by the Assembly plenum) which are then sent over to the North-Atlantic Council. 

Every year, in December, Washington D.C. hosts the Transatlantic Parliamentary Forum where the MPs discuss with US experts specific issues of interest for the Alliance. 

From Friday 26 to Monday 29 May 2017, the Parliament of Georgia will host the NATO Parliamentary Assembly's Spring Session. The Session will bring together in Tbilisi some 300 parliamentarians from the 28 NATO member countries from North America and Europe as well as delegates from partner countries and observers to discuss current international security issues and the reports prepared by the Assembly’s Committees.

The presence of the Romanian Parliament in NATO PA

The Romanian Parliament started to be represented in NATO PA in 1990. During the period November 1990-April 2004, Romanian MPs participated in Assembly activities first with the status of invitees and then as representatives of an associate state.

After Romania’s NATO accession in April 2004, the Romanian Parliament Delegation was offered – according to the internal rules of NATO PA – 10 seats in the Assembly. To these 10 MPs who are full members, 10 others are added as acting members. These MPs are distributed between the Senate and the Chamber of Deputies of Romania, according to the representation of the political groups that resulted from elections.The Delegation designates one of its members (usually, the Chairman) to sit in the NATO PA Permanent Committee and a second one to be acting in this capacity, when the need arises. 

In March 2017, Senator Vergil Chițac was designated the President of Romania's parliamentary delegation to  NATO Parliamentary Assembly. For further information on Romania's parliamentary delegation to NATO PA , please click on

In October 2017, Romania will host the Autumn Session of the NATO Parliamentary  Assembly.

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