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Public Diplomacy

Romania attaches importance to the public diplomacy activities, which are instrumental in preserving and consolidating the public interest and support for NATO. Ensuring a better public information and knowledge on NATO issues, building awareness about NATO’s ongoing transformation and adaptation process to the new security threats and about Romania’s profile within the Alliance is a key aspect for consolidating the public support.

The broad spectrum of public diplomacy events may include visits to the NATO Headquarters for various representatives (journalists, high school and university students, professors, researchers, central and local authorities, NGO experts etc). Also, they include seminaries, conferences, roundtables, and exhibits which stimulate and respond to the issues of interest for the public opinion and, at the end of the day, bring the Alliance closer to the people. In organizing these events, the Romanian Delegation al NATO cooperates closely with the NATO Public Diplomacy Division and with representatives of NGOs, universities, local and central authorities, various ministries.

Among the public diplomacy activities in Romania, connected to NATO, a particular relevance has the “NATO Day” due to its symbolic significance. This annual celebration has take place since 2005 on the first Sunday of every month of April, based on a law adopted by the Romanian Parliament. The day celebrates the official date of Romania’s accession to NATO (29 March 2004) and the date when the Romanian flag was raised at the NATO Headquarters in Brussels (2 April 2004). NATO Day is a public celebration of democracy and the Euro-Atlantic and European spirit.

Throughout 2019, Romania has celebrated 15 years of NATO membership. In 2004, Romania was granted Allied status. Romania’s accession to NATO has been a strategic objective which enjoyed enormous popular and political support across the board. It is a matter of fact that in Romania the public support for NATO accession was the highest among the seven allies invited to join NATO at the 2002 Prague Summit. The instrument of accession to the North Atlantic Treaty was deposited on 29 March 2004, in Washington, and then, on 2 April 2004, in Brussels, the flag of Romania was hoisted at NATO Headquarters, a ceremony which, along with an Allied foreign ministers meeting, symbolically marked Romania’s accession to NATO. 

In addition to the focus on maintaining its own public opinion’s awareness on NATO, Romania attaches a great importance and actively supports the public diplomacy activities in the partner countries. Starting with January 1, 2019, Romania serves as a Contact Point Embassy in Kuwait.

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