Romania - NATO

Romania’s goals as a NATO member

Romania's goals as a NATO member are consistent with Romania’s national interests and can be defined as follows:

1. A robust and relevant alliance based on a solid transatlantic partnership

We support a strong and capable Alliance, able to respond effectively to all security threats. A robust and dynamic transatlantic partnership is a crucial factor in delivering efficient responses to the security challenges facing the community of transatlantic democracies.

We pay special attention to the long-term adaptation process of the Alliance (political, military and institutional), aimed at efficiently responding to the provocations of the security environment, including those from the Eastern and Southern neighbourhood. Within this process, strengthening collective defence represents a special priority for our country. In this area, Romania follows the implementation of the decisions regarding the forward presence on the Eastern flank of the Alliance, especially of the tailored forward presence for the Black Sea region.

2. Fulfilling the commitments as a NATO member regarding the participation in NATO operations and missions [link to the presentation of operations and missions]

Romania takes part in all Alliance missions and operations, including those out of the Euro-Atlantic area. Our country’s participation in NATO’s operations and missions underpins the political commitments Romania has undertaken as a member of the Alliance and enhances our credibility as an Allied country.

3. Supporting NATO’s role as a stability provider, promoter of reforms and regional cooperation in Romania’s close neighbourhood (Balkans and the Black Sea region)

· Romania deems that the frontier of the Euro-Atlantic community, based on democracy, freedom and security should not stop at its Eastern border. Europe cannot be complete without the integration of Western Balkans in the European and Euro-Atlantic structures. By firmly supporting this perspective and the reforms undertaken by the countries in the region, we will be able to do our part in shaping a climate of enduring stability on the long-run.

· At the East of the Alliance, Romania has been and will continue to be a firm and active advocate of strengthening the partnership with Moldova, in support of its democratic development and European vocation.  Romania also supports the distinct partnership between NATO and Ukraine and contributes to the support which NATO grants to Ukraine’s reform process. Romania also supports NATO-Georgia partnership and Georgia’s integration in the Euro-Atlantic structures.

· As part of Europe and a bridge towards Central Asia and Afghanistan, the Black Sea region is an important component of the Euro-Atlantic security.  Romania contributes to developing ways in which NATO can support the efforts of the littoral states to enhance regional security.

4. The Development of NATO’s Partnerships with the European Union and the United Nations

· NATO's partnerships with the EU and the UN ensure cooperation in matters of common interest and significantly contribute to countering the threats and challenges to international security.

· Romania has consistently supported the development of dialogue and cooperation between NATO and EU, in as many areas of common interest as possible, while respecting the specificity and autonomy of decision of each of the two organizations.

· NATO relations with the United Nations is one of particular relevance for NATO’s contribution to international peace and security. Romania is in favour of further broadening this cooperation.

Updated: April 2017


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